Environmental Solutions

Minacore Industrial Solutions environmental branch is active in R&D and commercialization of technology-based solutions for the environment, drilling and water projects. We operate as an engineering firm, system integrator, and manufacturer's representative for a variety of environmental and water solutions. We are specializes in scientifically proven product and services-based solutions for groundwater and soil remediation.

Minacore's customers are municipalities, mining companies, and construction firms world-wide. We provide leading-edge environmental solutions and products to our clients. Our mission is to supply the latest and best technologies in the most cost-effective manner and implement innovative techniques and take proper approaches to address the issues faced by our clients.

Our Environmental Team

Minacore hosts a team of qualified and skilled professionals capable of leading and conducting environmental and engineering projects during all phases of execution and development. Our expertise is very technical while still being grounded in practicality and has been utilized on water and drilling projects worldwide. Our projects includes feasibility studies; operational monitoring, and design of innovative technical and monitoring systems.

Our Partners

The practical experience of our workforce is supplemented by our close association with academic institutions and the high-tech private sector. These established relationships enables us to design and implement and propose solutions with a solid scientific foundation, this benefits our clients by giving them the latest and best solutions available in the industry and establishes a high degree of credibility among our client base.